Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is my last day with WBTV

This is a bitter sweet moment for me.  I am very sad to leave behind a family here at WBTV.  Every single person has welcomed me into the newsroom with open arms.  Each person has taught me something along the way whether they literally sat down and verbalized it to me or simply displayed it in their character.  With so much talent in one building I must say I am truly honored to be amongst such an amazing group of individuals.  I will miss the entire crew- THANK YOU for everything!

The reason for my departure is to begin a new venture with Fox Charlotte.  I have been offered a dream job as a meteorologist and reporter. More importantly, this position is aligned with opportunity for growth so I immediately blurted out, “Where do I sign” (lol). I am excited to enter unfamiliar territory for I am a lover of knowledge.  I have officially started reading my first weather book titled, “The Atmosphere”. 

In life there are times God will speak to us loudly and boldly.  This was one of those instances.  I knew something was about to change in my life because God was whispering to my heart!  I did not have to question this move for this is where I’m supposed to be. I pray for strength and guidance during this move for my mission is to always show God’s work in all that I do.   

At this time I am ready to give my all and embark on this new beginning.  I hope to add to my already huge media family, from my lifelong friends at Entercom VA Beach to everyone at Clear Channel Charlotte, to WBTV and now to Fox Charlotte.

Thank YOU in advance for your continuous love and support. 

Jacinda Lee Garabito

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am an Insecure Person- YES I Said It!

Learn to Love Yourself

This is a very loud statement to say but I feel the need to take the lead and blurt it out. (Follow me on this one) I am currently reading a book by Beth Moore called So Long, Insecurity. This book has made me think long and hard about certain situations in my life.  To be completely honest with you there was a situation that popped up between my boyfriend and I which forced me to pick up this book in search for facts.  I needed to find out what insecurity is, why it controls us and most importantly, how do we get rid of it.  The situation between my boyfriend and I made me take a deep look at myself in the mirror as person that doesn’t quite have it together like I thought I did. 

I am a person who considers herself completely secure.  I have learned to love my body for where it is, love my embarrassing slang terminology, dumb jokes, horrible memory and crazy ways of doing things.  I feel like I have truly become comfortable in my own skin.  What has awakened my spirit recently is that on most days I’m secure, but there are triggers that force my heart to jump.  To take it one step further these insecurity triggers can jolt a man or a woman.

If you say YES to any one of these triggers you’re in the same boat as meJ

Beth Moore’s list of Triggers:

·         Your boss calls you into his office and shuts the door behind you

·         You get an offhand comment from a person who has superiority over you

·         Out of the corner of your eye you catch your man (or woman) checking out someone else

·         Your mom gets that disapproving look on her face over how you parent her grandchildren

·         You get an email from somebody you expected to hear from ages ago, and it sounds forced.  Or you get a 3-line response to an email that took you a solid hour to write

·         Somebody makes a presentation right before you and it’s flawless

·         Your Ex just walked into church with someone new

·         You met someone you really admire and said something stupid

·         Your lover seems distracted and has been for a week now

·         Your BFF introduces you to a new friend and they have numerous inside jokes already

·         You hate your new haircut

·         Your pour out your heart to someone and they still don’t get you. Then you’re worried you said too much to begin with

·         You finally mustered up the courage to reconcile with a friend after a hurtful fissure in a relationship.  You can tell within 30 seconds that this person doesn’t’ feel the same way.  In fact they act as if the whole thin g never bothered them.

Today I decided to take the first step and simply admit my weakness...hence the bold title above.  The next time you feel your blood start to boil because a situation stirred something up inside of you STOP.  Do not allow for this to fester, you will only end up feeling foolish in the end (EVERYTIME)

Grab hold of your happiness.  
Not making light of your thoughts allows you to take control of your life.

If you related to anything, I mean anything please share your 2 cents.  I would love to know I’m not alone on this subject.