Saturday, May 11, 2013

For The Ever Changing Seasons

It’s stirring up inside, I can feel the discomfort.  It’s scary.  I know change is coming.  How do you prepare for it? When times get unbearable and you’re on the brink of major life changes, I found comfort in a few different areas and I want to share them with you. 

First and foremost, dive into a life of prayer.  One way to do this is by waking up to prayer meditations.  At first I didn’t know what medication was, I didn’t understand how to do it.  Then I realized medication is solely focusing on one thing.  For example, when you worry about your bills, this means every thought typically wraps around money.  So medication is the same thing but you focus your thoughts on one positive thing.  When you wake up, open your bible and just read one verse.  Think about what the verse means.  What did God want you to take away from this verse?  What did this mean for lives back then and how can you apply the teachings to your life now.  Spend time with Him and His word.  Another thing that can help with your prayer life is probably something you haven’t done since you were a child.  I highly recommend you get on your knees and pray.  Remember you are what you fill up on.  What I mean by this is, how are you spending most of your time during the day?  Is it work, family life, friends, partying, television, music, working out etc.  What you surround yourself with on a daily basis is what you inevitably give off.  For example, if all you do is work, then when you’re hanging with friends the only stories you have are about the job right?  Think about your constant surrounding and decide if this is allowing you to grow in a direction you want to go.  Is it challenging you enough? 

Secondly, I have found solace in the word INSPIRATION.  To stay filled up on the word throughout the day I am in constant search of inspiration and I’ll tell you why it’s so important in just a second.  When I see something inspiring I take a picture of it.  When I read it or hear it, I write it down.  This allows you to have something to reference if you’re ever having a weak moment.  Most importantly, and the last thing that can help you prepare for life changes is giving back.  When you find the inspiration- share it! I have found that true acts of giving will undoubtedly make all your hurt and pain, worry and doubts fall by the waist side.  It’s like the analogy killing two birds with one stone.  You get to help someone else and at the same time it’s helping you too. 

A girlfriend texted me the other day saying she was having a bad day at work and she didn’t know if she could keep going.  She asked for me to pray for her.  I did, but God had something he wanted me to share with her, He said, “Go be a Blessing to someone else”.  I have stumbled upon true happiness and utter peace only when doing things for other people.  It can be the act of kindness so small it doesn’t even seem worth it but trust me, it is and it’s what this world needs.  We need kindness.  We need Hope.  If you are filling up on the word all day long it doesn’t do you any good to keep it all inside.  You have to be a witness and go share it.  Sometimes we think a trendy purse is going to make us happy or a new pair of shoes and no lie it will for a little bit lol, but when it wears off it just becomes more stuff in your closet.  An act of kindness can change someone’s life.  Building these types of memories will last a lifetime. 

Times have been really tough for me the past year and I want to say thank you to the strangers that have simply smiled at me.  I have been this person walking around with the stank face on (lol) so focused and annoyed on many levels.  These genuine smiles forced me to smile back…. and they made me feel dumb for even complaining in the first place.  They made me realize there’s so much to be grateful for and I’m wasting time being angry.  A smile may seem too simple for you, but these random acts of kindness were right on time for me and they made me believe everything will be okay.   

As the winds pick up and the temperatures shift, whatever hand life deals you these are a few things that will get you through the storm.  This is my survival kit.  These steps helped me weather difficulties.  With this you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

-- JG

Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Keep A Smile On Your Face

  1. Feeling warm sand between your toes at the beach
  2. Seeing a baby light up with a giant grin
  3. Getting a handwritten note in the mail
  4. Listening to your favorite music
  5. Warm, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies
  6. A magnificent sunrise or sunset
  7. Cuddling
  8. Good chocolate
  9. Holding hands
  10. Laughing until you nearly wet your pants
  11. Inside jokes
  12. Spending time with people you adore
  13. A cloudless sky
  14. Your favorite flower
  15. Getting a call or email from someone you love out of the blue
  16. Watching your favorite childhood TV show
  17. Singing loudly in the car
  18. Hugging your babies, no matter how old they are
  19. Stargazing at night
  20. Lying in bed listening to the rain
  21. Finding money you didn't know was in your pocket
  22. An icy glass of lemonade (or beer) on a hot summer day
  23. Getting a great parking space
  24. Sleeping in
  25. Fresh bed sheets
  26. Putting on clothes straight from the dryer
  27. A breathtaking view -- water, mountain, cityscape, forest, whatever
  28. A picnic
  29. Plump summer tomatoes
  30. Bodysurfing
  31. A fireworks display
  32. Making someone smile
  33. Kissing
  34. The farmers market
  35. Helping someone in need
  36. The smell of a baby's head
  37. Building a sandcastle
  38. Watching clouds float by
  39. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  40. Checking something off your to-do list
  41. The cool side of the pillow
  42. The smell of a thunderstorm ("petrichor")
  43. Waking up and finding the alarm isn't going off for another three hours
  44. Swinging on a lazy porch swing
  45. Snuggling under the covers on a stormy day
  46. A perfectly-timed, cozy snowstorm
  47. Relaxing in front of a roaring fire
  48. A great book
  49. A long walk on a cool day
  50. Cherry blossom trees
  51. A clean closet
  52. Unexpected good news
  53. The smell of a barbecue
  54. Bubble wrap
  55. An afternoon nap
  56. Finding an old personal treasure at the bottom of a drawer or in the back of a closet
  57. Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row
  58. A brand-new 64 box of Crayolas
  59. Cookie dough
  60. Your favorite movie
  61. Fresh-picked berries, still warm from the sun
  62. Not having to be anywhere
  63. Getting a giant hug just when you need it
  64. Minty breath
  65. Putting on a snuggly sweatshirt after a chilly afternoon at the beach
  66. A long conversation with a favorite friend
  67. The rare perfect errand day
  68. The smell of fresh-cut grass
  69. Tears of joy
  70. A fabulous bottle of wine
  71. Collecting sea shells
  72. Bubble juice and a bubble wand
  73. A newly-fallen blanket of snow
  74. Making s'mores
  75. The smell of fresh-baked cookies or bread
  76. Vibrant autumn foliage
  77. A foot massage
  78. Licking the batter
  79. Seeing a rainbow
  80. Candlelight
  81. Spring flowers blooming
  82. Hot chocolate on a cold day
  83. Finding something you made when you were a kid
  84. Puppy kisses
  85. Randomly bumping into someone you haven't seen in a while
  86. A good hair day
  87. When something you were going to buy anyway is on sale
  88. Getting a caring customer service person on the phone
  89. A balloon
  90. Coming across an old photo that makes you smile
  91. The season premiere of your favorite show
  92. Riding with the top down
  93. A chocolate ice cream cone
  94. Taking a shower after a day at the beach
  95. When someone lets you know they're thinking of you
  96. The smell of a sea breeze
  97. Hearing an old song you used to love
  98. A bright full moon over the water
  99. When a baby falls asleep in your arms
  100. Rereading a favorite childhood book
  101. City lights at night

----Thanks Huffington Post

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Would You Like To Be A Leader?

Please email me if your are interested in serving

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Needing That Ammunition

 Through my personal trials and tribulations I have learned one thing- You need stored up ammunition to shoot down your enemy.

When 2012 began I was slowly coming down from a natural high set by the year prior. 2011 was probably one of the best years of my life. I met and fell in love with a wonderful man. I felt feelings I never knew existed. I tasted true love and felt butterflies in my stomach you only hear about in love stories. It's fair to say the beginning of 2012 was somewhat of a twilight zone. The "Coming to Reality" part was difficult and I tackled my first set of road blocks empty handed. I was knocked down repeatedly, until I found myself in the bed with overwhelming feelings of hopelessness. 

I prayed… Lord knows, I prayed.  During this time I learned when the devil tries to take you down you need bible ammunition to stop him in his tracks. I needed scripture versus as my weapons. You store up ammunition by spending time with God.  Sometimes we get so sidetracked with life’s daily tasks that Jesus Christ ends up taking a back seat to everything we have going on in our lives.  I personally needed to reprioritize. I need to spend just as much time with Jesus as I do with anything else.

I had a bible my entire life but I didn’t know how to read it.  It just didn’t make sense to me.  So when I graduated from college in 2006, my best friend's mother gave me a bible called the Holy Book. It's in New Living Translation.  For the first time, I am reading and more importantly understanding the word.  Aside from reading it during church services and bible studies, last year I started to read the bible on my own- daily.  Without even knowing it, I started to build up ammunition. I also started memorizing scripture versus that are near and dear to my heart.  Shoot I memorize songs on the radio, why not be able to recite bible verses that can help shoot down the enemy? 

I have made a pact with myself to speak to the Lord first thing in the morning before turning over and accessing my email. I have learned to spend time with Him every day, not just on Sunday. The more time I spend devoted to him the more ammunition I have building up inside of me to fight the devil when he tries to take a stab at me. I have started to look forward to these times spent alone with him. I have found myself about to go to sleep and sometimes I can't wait for the morning hours so I can wake up and learn more.

I have to remember when times get better... (Because they're will) I must not let up on my daily time spent with God. He is my weapon against defeat. He is my weapon against darkness. He is my weapon against hopelessness.

Spend time with God daily. When you have problems go back to the scripture for advice. Lean on him for strength. This helped me get through 2012. I pray you will find solace in this peaceful morning time with God as I have.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Practice Your Smile

We fail at wearing our problems on our sleeves at times.  We all face hardships, but there are only few who can smile through the storm.  I‘ve always admired people like this.  I sometimes wish I could have the strength to smile through adversity as they do.  Truth is I can and so can you.

I guess the reason why I feel it’s impossible to do what others do so easily is because I’m viewing it through two different lenses.  When I see them happy and joyful in the face of an obstacle, I see it as strength.  When I have the opportunity to smile through my problems I look at it as being fake.  There’s a part of me that says, “Why smile? Your life is upside down”. 

Rather than focus on negative situations in your life, choose to only see the positive.  Focusing on the bad parts of your life can eventually lead to depression.  Do not claim negative circumstances.  Make the choice to be happy.  

We can all pick at least one thing in our life that we’re grateful for.  Even if it’s as simple as the air we breathe.  Walk through your day only focusing on how happy you are for the breath you just took.  Then add more and more things into your mind that you’re happy for.  Eventually you can turn your broken situation into an amazing revelation. 

You life may seem like it’s in shambles but continue to smile (Thanks Mom).  It’s not because you choose to be fake and hide your situations.  It’s because you only choose to focus on what’s  good.  Thank God for it! 

Plus, you never know who your infectious smile will help in return.